Why religious faith and the rational principle of private property does not mix:

Islamic activists in Multan, in the Pakistani province of Punjab, have threatened to burn down posters featuring images of women if city officials do not remove them within two days. On Friday, the activists smeared three billboards put up by multinational companies in the city with black paint…

…Mr Babar said: “These multinational companies want to promote obscenity, lewdness and vulgarity by showing women in different poses. “We will not let them do so.” He denied the group was vandalising private property. “It is they who are acting contrary to Islamic law by promoting vulgarity,” Mr Babar said. [“Pakistan Islamists in posters threat”, BBC, June 6, 2003]

If the right to life and liberty were from God, then Mr. Babar would be right. But, the basis of property is not religious, but philosophical, or rather a scientific observation of the requirements for man to live in a society with other men. Only then can religion “work” within the framework of rights; but faith-based ethics should have no bearing on that framework.

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