The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is joining the fight against antitrust in America’s courtrooms and administrative proceedings. There new The Antitrust Action Center highlights cases where CAC plans to file amicus briefs or provide support for businesses unjustly prosecuted under antitrust laws. including:

  • A group of 1,000 physicians in Dallas-Fort Worth proved no match for FTC lawyers, who forced the doctors to disavow their right to seek greater compensation from health plans.
  • Two San Diego physician groups tried to work together in search of fairer compensation from a local hospital. The FTC decided to make a federal case out of this, scuttling the physicians’ negotiations and imposing sanctions to ensure they wouldn’t try it again.
  • The FTC’s war on physician rights continues in New Mexico, where a local physician group is facing dissolution for collectively negotiating with health insurance companies.
  • Scotch tape giant 3M was sued by a competitor who claimed they couldn’t fairly compete with 3M’s superior line of office products. A Philadelphia jury decided 3M’s market success should be punished to the tune of more than $68 million. Following a defeat in its first appeal, 3M now heads to the Supreme Court.
  • Weyerhaeuser beat its competitors in the lumber market. The competitors fought back with an antitrust lawsuit, and won a jury award of more than $78 million. Weyerhaeuser isn’t giving up though, and vows to continue fighting for their rights to succeed in the marketplace.
  • Seven years ago, the Federal Trade Commission forced Boston Scientific to share its patented catheter technology with a competitor. When that competitor later decided to exit the market, the FTC claimed it was Boston Scientific’s fault, and convinced a federal judge to fine the company a record $7,040,000.
  • The federal government is looking to undo an already-completed merger in order to protect Kentucky’s schoolchildren from the threat of higher school milk prices.

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