Writes David Holcberg of the Ayn Rand Institute:

How did Palestinian terrorists react to the recent release of the “road map” to peace? With dozens of terrorist attacks against Israel, including five suicide bombings.

The terrorists’ reaction demonstrates once again that they–and their supporters–have no desire for peace with Israel. Their attacks also demonstrate the futility of trying to end terrorism through negotiations. Terrorists–and the regimes that nurture them–can’t be dealt with through reason and appeals to their self-interest. They have no self-interest. Their purpose is not to gain any values but to destroy the lives and values of others.

The Israelis, as the victims of terrorism, have the moral responsibility to hunt down the terrorists wherever they may be, and do whatever it takes to capture or kill them. This is exactly the principle the United States must follow in its own war against Islamic terrorism. The alternative is another September 11.

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