Martha Stewart has launch a site to defend her self against the government’s witchunt against her and her company. The site,, features letters from Martha’s supporters, as well as facts to ‘Set the Record Straight.’ Comments Newsday,

…Martha Stewart says the Web site she started just days ago to defend her name against a federal indictment has been swamped by more than 6 million visitors, with thousands offering e-mails of praise and support.

… The e-mails have been roughly 98 percent positive, Stewart spokeswoman Anna Cordasco said. She would not disclose specific plans for the site’s future but said it would be kept “fresh and up to date.”

Paul Levinson, chair of Fordham University’s media studies department, said Stewart’s campaign is designed to sway potential jurors who might assume she is guilty simply because she has been indicted. “I’ve heard people talk cynically about the juror point [–] trying to soften up the jurors,” he said. “But that’s exactly what the government is doing by holding a press conference, by making it a big public issue.”

…”She doesn’t have a whole variety of options to make people who dislike her like her,” he said. “What she can do is put a press on the Justice Department by having her supporters hammer the narrative that this is a witchhunt.” [Newsday]

Or as one astute Marth fan writes on a letter posted to Martha Stewart’s site:

We can’t think of ANYONE in this country or abroad who has worked harder than you. We admire your vision, energy, imagination and the way you reach high goals for yourself and your businesses. The range of your interests and knowledge is astounding. You are an inspiring example to millions of people of someone who aimed for…and reached…”the great American dream.”

We support you in thoughts and prayers in this unfortunate situation/court battle. We are saddened by this attack on you and we feel you are the target of people who are jealous and lack common sense. We can’t understand why our courts waste so much time and money persecuting our highest achievers, like you and Bill Gates. It is counter-productive, to say the least.

The reason is simple: it is hatred of the good for being the good. For details see Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. (Hat Tip: V. Bray)

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