From Yahoo News:

PARIS – France and the United States are engaged in relationship of dialogue and trust, French President Jacques Chirac told business leaders from the French-American Business Council on Friday. Before dozens of major U.S. and French corporate heads, Chirac said Paris and Washington had a period of “discord about how to disarm Iraq the president’s spokeswoman Catherine Colonna quoted Chirac as saying. The two countries spoke frankly to one another but will “continue to be faithful allies,” Colonna quoted Chirac as saying. Relations between the two countries are strong and have been forged by history and “took root in the same values: respect for liberty, human dignity, justice and peace,” Chirac said.

So that’s what the French Revolution was about. And all this time I thought the French opposed the war because they wanted to Saddam to pay for all those arms they sold them, and to maintain their oil contracts with Saddam.

From Cox and Forkum:

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