Actor Kelsey Grammer, star of NBC’s Frasier, is “a pro-Bush guy,” he declared on June 18 edition of Fox & Friends on FNC:

Steve Doocey: “You know, Kelsey our country has been through so much over the last year, in particular the war in Iraq. A lot of Hollywood celebrities anti-war, anti-Bush, but where do you come down?”

Grammer: “I’m a supporter. I’ve been a pro-Bush guy for some time now. I think he’s got a clear message; I think he’s got a conscientious message, and I think he has some real courage. So it’s just nice to see in a President and I’m actually a fan.”

Doocey: “What about, you know the hearings up on Capitol Hill right now looking into whether or not the CIA shaded the intelligence or if the Bush Administration ginned up the crowd just to go to war. What do you think of that?”

Grammer: “I think it’s a nice political ploy actually at this point. I mean I think everybody else saw the same information; they all said ‘Yeah, we gotta take this guy out.’ And frankly I think it was important to deal with him now so that whoever is the next president doesn’t have this guy to deal with as well. It’s been what, three administrations now? You know.” [Hat Tip: MRC]

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