From James Taranto Friday:

As this March CNN/Money report notes, opponents of Iraq’s liberation had much higher estimates of the cost of war….This wasn’t the only thing war opponents told us during the prewar debate that turned out not to be true. They said the U.S. would suffer thousands of casualties. They said ordinary Iraqis would resent American “invaders” rather than welcome them as liberators. They said the “Arab street” would rise up in outrage. They said Iraq’s liberation would set off a new wave of terrorism. They said the war would be a “quagmire”…

Some war foes even said–get this!–that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and would use them on American troops. Well pardon us for asking, but if Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, *where are they?*

It’s possible that this was all just a massive failure of intelligence, but we can’t help suspecting that war opponents knew better and deliberately misled the public in an effort to establish a pretext for keeping a mass-murdering dictator in power. In either case, they now face a yawning credibility gap. The American people deserve nothing less than a full congressional investigation into the false claims of antiwar politicians, scholars, journalists and activists. If they lied to us about Iraq, how can we ever trust them to talk us out of future wars?

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