In today’s USA Today:

Smarting from criticism it has been caught flat-footed in postwar Iraq, the Bush administration is set to ask the U.N. to lift sanctions there and create a fund to disburse Iraqi oil revenue. [“US to ask UN to end Iraq sanctions“]

The first question is: why? Given that the U.S. unilaterally went against the Security Council when it invaded Iraq, why is it going the the U.N. now? To make “Old Europe” happy?

As early as Wednesday, the U.S. will ask the United Nations Security Council to approve a resolution ending all trade and economic sanctions imposed on Iraq after it invaded Kuwait in 1990. The resolution calls for establishment of a reconstruction fund at Iraq’s central bank to collect oil revenue. Occupying U.S. and British authorities, consulting an interim Iraqi administration, would have power over spending.

Thank God the resolution hands no power to the UN, like the old UN managed “oil for food” program–which is better named the oil for Saddam’s toys program.

The article makes no mention on why the so-called United Nations Security Council has not dropped the sanctions already. Clearly, the fate of Iraq is not the Security Council’s main concern–hampering U.S. efforts to establish an orderly society an Iraq is. After all, if the U.S. succeeds in establishing peace in Iraq–by acting against the whims of the U.N. what does this say about the UN? (The answer, of course, is obvious–the UN is evil.)

The real question is: why does the U.S. play along in propping up the U.N. farce? Appeasement masquerading behind “diplomacy”?

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