Comments Allen Forkum, of the dynamic cartooning duo of Cox and Forkum:

Fox News reports: Sharon-Abbas Summit Postponed. Excerpt: “Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat stepped in to assert Tuesday that he — not his prime minister — is in charge of the Palestinian side in negotiations with Israel, throwing plans for an Israeli-Palestinian summit into confusion. The dispute underlined the power struggle between Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, the prime minister he grudgingly appointed under international pressure, as efforts to move forward on a new peace plan intensified. Arafat since then has been fighting a rear-guard action to limit Abbas’ powers, objecting to the makeup of his Cabinet and inserting many of his stalwarts, retaining control of most of the Palestinian security forces and keeping for himself the final word over peace moves. This counters the Israeli and U.S. intention to sideline Arafat, charging that he is tainted with terrorism and had led his Palestinian Authority into corruption and inefficiency.”

Arafat is “tainted with terrorism” yet the U.S. and Israel are still willing to negotiate with Abbas, a man who defends Arafat’s leadership role in the Palestinian Authority. Peace for Israel cannot be achieved through negotiations with the puppet of their enemy, a power-grubbing, Israel-hating terrorist.

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