American soldiers from MET Alpha, the “mobile exploitation team” that has been searching for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in Iraq for the past three months, found maps featuring terrorist strikes against Israel dating to 1991….Team members floated out of the room a perfect mock-up of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, as well as mock-ups of downtown Jerusalem and official Israeli buildings in very fine detail. They also collected a satellite picture of Dimona, Israel’s nuclear complex….Written in Arabic and dated May 20, 2001, the memo from the Iraqi intelligence station chief in an African country described an offer by a “holy warrior” to sell uranium and other nuclear material. The bid was rejected, the memo states, because of the United Nations “sanctions situation.” But the station chief wrote that the source was eager to provide similar help at a more convenient time. [New York Times, 5/7/03]

And then there’s this:

With the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, the flow of millions of dollars that the Iraqi leader sent to support the Palestinian intifada has abruptly ended. [Independent, 5/7/03]

Taranto: “This gives the lie to the claim that Saddam’s regime had nothing to do with terrorism–except to those who believe it isn’t terrorism if the victims are only Jews. “

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