Americans are already used to socialist celebrities prancing about the country lamenting the fact that “regular people” don’t care about the inane viewpoints of someone who once played a smart person on television.  But now, they’re telling those “regular people” to shut-up, and they’re threatening to petition Uncle Sam (the guy with all of those banned “assault weapons”) if America doesn’t comply.

In a letter dated 28 April 2003, the William Morris Agency sent a “cease-and-desist” letter to the “Boycott Hollywood” website.  Apparently, some of William Morris’ clients don’t like what those regular folk have to say about them.

Rumors that Susan Sarandon is petitioning to modify the first amendment to read “the famous people” are entirely unsubstantiated, but I don’t mind spreading them anyway.

[Because the Boycott Hollywood website may soon go offline, a copy of the William Morris letter can be found here.  And yes, the server is slow.  Just deal.]

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