From BBCNews:

Software giant Microsoft has agreed to pay $750m (£454m) to settle a lawsuit claiming it used its dominance to crush competition….The case involved Netscape Communications which now belongs to the AOL group. As part of the agreement, Microsoft will give a new royalty-free, seven-year licence of its browsing technology to AOL…AOL alleged in the lawsuit that Microsoft used anti-competitive business practices to ensure the dominance of its Internet Explorer browsing software over Netscape’s software. AOL also argued that Microsoft made deals with computer manufacturers and other companies to shut out Netscape and stifle competition. [May 29, 2003]

Making voluntary deals with computer manufacturers is entirely competitive, as no guns are used–free-competition only forbids the initiation of force. For the government to forbid such exclusive deals is socialism. Fact is Internet Explorer was just a better product, and Microsoft offered Internet Explorer for free, when Netscape wanted to charge consumers for their browser.

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