From AP:

Sultanna Freeman, 35, says Florida’s insistence on photographing her face violates her religious rights. “I don’t unveil … because it would be disobeying my Lord,” Freeman testified Tuesday at the start of her non-jury trial. [Muslim Woman Sues to Wear Veil for License, AP, May 23, 2003]

Of course the ACLU Asks Court to Reinstate Suspended Driver’s License.

This is silly–what good is a picture ID, if your face is covered? Freedom of religion doesn’t give one the right to a driver’s license, which is a privilege granted by the owner of the roads–in this case the government. Freeman’s options are to uncover her face, or forgo getting a license. She does not have the freedom to force her whims on others.

[Update: Sultaana Freeman, Islam and Florida Driver’s Licenses]

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