Capitalism Magazine readers should be aware of New York Times writer “Jayson Blair, a 27-year-old reporter, had lifted quotes, made up scenes and faked interviews–all in the pages of the most powerful newspaper in the world.” Here is what Blair had to say:

I can’t say anything other than the fact that I feel a range of emotions including guilt, shame, sadness, betrayal, freedom and appreciation for those who have stood by me, been tough on me, and have taken the time to understand that there is a deeper story and not to believe everything they read in the newspapers. [Emphasis added, Times Bomb, May 26, 2003]

(Especially when Jayson writes them under the editorial supervision of the Executive Editor for the New York Times?)

The deeper story is that Jayson got away with his deception, in part, because he was not white:

“Our paper has a commitment to diversity and by all accounts [Blair] appeared to be a promising young minority reporter,” Mr. [Howell] Raines said. “I believe in aggressively providing hiring and career opportunities for minorities.” “Does that mean I personally favored Jayson?” he added, a moment later. “Not consciously. But you have a right to ask if I, as a white man from Alabama, with those convictions, gave him one chance too many by not stopping his appointment to the sniper team. When I look into my heart for the truth of that, the answer is yes.” [NY Times]

This of course is pure racism; but, it is not called racism. This form of racism is called racial “diversity”–at the expense of real diversity, i.e. diversity of ideas. 

What of the executive editor–Howell Raines–who let Blair get away with his deception? He still runs the operation of the so-called “newspaper of record”, but accepts “full responsibility” for his actions. Raine’s excuse? He let Jayson get by with his deceptions for so long because Jayson is black and he Raines felt “guilt” as a white man from Alabama.

In other words I feel sorry, so let’s forget the facts about what I actually did. That is like saying, I am sorry for killing your wife, but I don’t think I should face the death penalty because I feel bad about it. (Maybe he is related to CNN’s Eason Jordan.) 

The message from all this is: all sins are forgiven so long as you support the Leftist dream of “diversity”–even if the price is truth and integrity.

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