Here is an excellent analysis of the Bombings in Saudi Arabia from David Holcberg at the Ayn Rand Institute:

How did Islamic terrorists react to the U.S. announcement that it would withdraw its troops from Saudi Arabia–a central demand of Bin Laden? With bombings that killed at least 7 Americans.

The terrorists interpreted the U.S. withdrawal as a concession to Bin Laden’s demands and as proof of U.S. weakness. From their perspective, the U.S. withdrawal shows that terrorism pays, and that the more they terrorize Americans the more they stand to gain.

The lesson to be learned is that concessions–apparent or real–will not change the minds of Islamic terrorists committed to destroying the United States and its influence in Muslim countries. Concessions only embolden them. If the United States wants to end Islamic terrorism it must not appease terrorists–but ruthlessly and methodically destroy them.

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