This has got to make somebody’s list of most idiotic proposals of the last decade:

An American-led international trusteeship would take control of the areas of the West Bank and Gaza now in the hands of the Palestinian Authority….Under the proposal, 10,000 British, Australian and Canadian troops, under American command, would take over the anti-terrorism operations that are now handled by Israeli forces in the West Bank and Gaza. The scenario is outlined by a man who served as Mr. Clinton’s assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, Martin Indyk, in an article in the May-June 2003 issue of Foreign Affairs. [New York Sun, 4/22/03]
The Israelis can’t do it, but we can? And are we, like Christ, to suffer in place of others–to take the terrorist attacks upon ourselves? Where are all the people yelling “Quagmire!” when you need them? This sort of thing is what comes from thinking that problems can be solved by means of self-sacrifice. And the result is: Sacrifice.

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