Regarding the American POW that was rescued yesterday by American special forces, a long-time friend and military expert sent me an email with these observations:

1. When you have less than 10 highly valuable propaganda tools, (AKA POW’s) the only reason you would leave one of them within a couple of miles of the USMC is if your backfield is getting completely torn up. When the military professional journals come out next year we are going to find out just how effective we have been.

2. Our intelligence sources are getting better and better. Many Iraqis must be talking to us.

3. Don’t make the American military mad at you. It is extremely bad for your health. If I were an Iraqi, I wouldn’t get within 10 miles of a US POW.

Now considering that the POW was a 19 year-old girl I can only imagine the wrath that was reigned down upon those Iraqis.

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