Actress Janeane Garofalo (who earlier this month on FoxNew’s Bill O’Reilly claimed that Bush is just as dangerous to the world as Saddam Hussein) made an appearance this past Friday (March 28) on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, where she stated that the U.S. attack on Iraq was “not fair” because it is an “unprovoked strike.” Reports Ben Baker in his MRC CyberAlert:

Garofalo appeared on the panel with talk show host Michael Graham and comedian/actor Larry Miller. Garofalo whined about Iraq as the victim of the U.S.: I would say a pre-emptive, unprovoked strike is not fair. This is a pre-emptive strike. It was not provoked. That is not fair.”

Supposedly Saddam’s attacks on his own people are provoked.

On anger at the Dixie Chicks: “You know what is good about these Dixie Chicks burnings or bashings? It’s a wonderful, wonderful way for really stupid people to hook up. They meet, they throw some things on the fire, they talk about Vin Diesel, they tell stories about who their favorite Fox anchor is, they exchange phone numbers and in some cases has led to marriages.”

As opposed to what: blocking some ambulance lanes, gushing over Noam Chomsky, telling stories about who their favorite murdering dictator is, and exchanging sexually transmitted diseases?

Graham recalled seeing this sign at an anti-war march: “We Support Our Troops…When They Shoot Their Officers.” That set off Garofalo: “That one guy that had that one sign that you’ll probably beat into the ground. You’re going to use it over and over whether it actually existed or not. That’s what all you right-wing radio hosts do. You make s??? up all the time.”

No comment necessary.

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