Apparently, Colin Powell has learned nothing:

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer … who met Tuesday with Secretary of State Colin Powell and other senior US officials, said those within the administration of President George W. Bush who opposed any UN role in Iraq had lost the argument. Key US officials remain angered… and had fought to prevent the world body gaining a role in Iraq’s reconstruction, he said. “But I think that view, if it hasn’t changed, that argument has been won by those who believe there should be a role for the UN,” Downer told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio. “I think the idea of a United Nations special representative or special coordinator is one they feel comfortable with as well,” he said, acknowledging though that the United States would “inevitably” control Iraq for an interim period after the war before handing authority back to Iraqis. [Agence France Presse, 4/2/03]
It’s possible that this is more of Powell’s “street fighting,” attempting to make it appear as if he’s won the argument when things are really still up in the air. At any rate, this is outrageous and deserves voluminous complaint. Would that GWB would just fire the man.

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