Here’s Chip Joyce at About the War:

Ten days ago to the day I wrote,

I will guess that the regime will collapse within ten days from today by assassinations prior to a ground invasion of Baghdad. Before that we will see escalated missile and air attacks of sites within Baghdad; Iraqi forces will assault coalition forces on the outskirts of the city, in a desperate last effort; there will be limited chemical attacks that will be mainly futile; coalition troops’ response will be stupefying; and eventually, a few high-ranking military officers within Baghdad will acknowledge imminent defeat and turn coat. They will assist our special forces, who are already in Baghdad, in terminating the regime.

There wasn’t any chemical attack to date, but the rest of my prediction was pretty accurate. So far my April 9th prediction looks amazingly accurate: Saddam and sons might be dead, the cities are in coalition control, the army is disunited at best, and the Iraqi people are celebrating. Time will tell, of course. How about that?! Remember that I called the starting date of the war almost perfectly–just two days off. [About the War, 4/9/03]

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