“It (arrest of Abu Abbas) indicates that America is sinking its sharp teeth into Iraq and into Palestine,” [Hamas founder] Sheikh Ahmed Yassin said. “It is a crusader’s war against both. But it will be defeated. Our people are stronger than Israel and America,” the wheelchair-bound Yassin said as 2,000 Palestinians marched to mark Palestinian Prisoner Day….

“Let them arrest the whole Palestinian people. Resistance will never stop. We will continue Jihad (holy struggle) and resistance,” Yassin said. “Whether we go to prison or whether they kill leaders, resistance will never stop before the liberation,” he added. [Reuters, 4/17/03]

Get that? Abbas murders one of our citizens but we have no right to arrest him or we’re declaring war on the whole Palestinian people. What more open admission could there be that these people claim the right to murder us? Hamas is clearly just a bunch of thugs, its ideology is nothing but a rationalization for aggression and antisemitism, and we should just go ahead and wipe them off the face of the earth, or at least let Israel do it.

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