I had this letter published in today’s New York Sun:

J. P. Avlon, in his column “How Giuliani Cut Government,” [Opinion, April 24, 2003] writes that “had Mr. Giuliani proposed deeper personnel cuts at a time of historic surpluses during the late 1990s, he would have been accused of racism and hardheartedness.” But this is hardly an excuse–Mr. Giuliani was accused of racism and hard-heartedness anyway.

While I doubt Mr. Giuliani is the coward that he could be taken to be from Mr. Avlon’s characterization, an elected official who gives away the store when faced with such cheap attempts at moral intimidation isn’t fit to be in office. It’s easy to be generous when you’re helping yourself to other people’s money. We need less of such irresponsible “kindness” in City Hall.

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