Bob Getman, whom I know by acquaintance, has a nice letter in the Sun today:

The New York Sun has done a great job of alerting New Yorkers to the political skirmishes concerning the coming post-war period [“The British Worth,” Andrew Sullivan, Opinion, April 9, 2003]. It would be moral treason for America to allow the United Nations or anti-war countries any role whatever, directly or indirectly, in the post-war liberation of Iraq. The anti-war nations, some of whose citizens now defile the graves of American war dead from earlier wars, opposed the ends of the war and are unworthy (let alone untrustworthy) of carrying them out. The United Nations is full of countries with tyrannical governments similar to Saddam’s and opposite to what we aim to establish in Iraq.

What our men and women die for in a war is what comes after victory; the end of a war must bring the ends for which it was fought: freedom and man’s rights. [New York Sun, 4/10/03]

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