Do we need more evidence that environmentalism is an anti-human ideology?

Consider the environmentalist lawsuits threatening to cut the water supply from New Mexico’s urban and rural populations to make it available to the Rio Grande silvery minnow. The environmentalists’ attempt to “protect” the silvery minnow at the expense of city dwellers and farmers demonstrates they place less value on human life than on fish life. In fact, the environmentalists’ record of “protecting” crocodiles, owls, mice and even insects at the expense of humans shows that they place less value on human life than on *any other* form of life. It even suggests that they place *no value* on human life.

“But wait,” you may say, “not all environmentalists are like that. I am an environmentalist and I value human life.” To which I reply: If you really value human life, you should reconsider your support of an ideology that, if followed to its logical consequences, will eliminate humans from the face of the earth.

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