I’ve seen public displays of airheadedness before, but this pretty much takes the cake:

The three women of country music band the Dixie Chicks posed nude for the cover of a weekly showbiz magazine in a defiant response to the backlash over their opposition to the war in Iraq. [Reuters, 4/24/03]

There’s defiance for you. The headline reads “Dixie Chicks Pose Nude in Answer to Critics”–a particularly intellectual sort of response, dealing decisively with the issues, wouldn’t you say?

“We don’t want people to think that we are trying to be provocative….”

I guess they don’t want people to think they’re particularly intelligent, either–or honest, given that last comment.

“It’s not about the nakedness,” band member Martie Maguire said in an accompanying interview with the magazine. “It’s about clothes getting in the way of labels.”

Oh. I see. Now it all makes sense. (Or maybe was it about labels getting in the way of clothes? …or something.) To top it all off, they’re just not all that attractive, even with their clothes off.

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