From the political cartoon geniuses at Cox and Forkum:

Comments Forkum:

Fox News reports that in Baghdad small bands of youths tore down portraits of Saddam and chanted,“Bush! Bush! Thank you!”. Excerpt: “Emboldened by the sight of U.S. troops taking control of the capital, they dared not only to loot but also to rejoice over Saddam’s fall, to vandalize his image and to call him a criminal — offenses that just days or weeks ago could have brought arrest, imprisonment, torture, even death at the hands of the secret police. They danced in the streets, waving rifles, palm fronds and flags, thrusting their arms in the air and flashing the V-for-victory sign. … On a Baghdad street, a white-haired man held up a poster of Saddam and beat it with his shoe. A younger man spat on the portrait, and several others launched kicks at the face of the Iraqi president.”

Meanwhile, completely blinded by ideological hatred, the Communistic “anti-war” group International ANSWER has announced a March on Washington. Excerpt: “Baghdad has been bombed relentlessly, terrorizing the occupants of that city and of the entire country. … This horrific unprovoked attack on Iraq must be understood as one of the extreme terrorist acts of modern times. … The Bush Administration is hell bent on world domination. The war on Iraq was meant to signal that the U.S. use of raw military power will be the means to create a new era of Empire.”

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