A good example of how those who rule by force are necessarily out of touch with reality:

Col Said, 42, commanded 150 soldiers in an engineer unit attached to the Hammurabi division, charged with defending the north-western approaches. Yet even before the fighting began, Col Said said, most Republican Guard soldiers viewed Saddam with hatred and contempt. “We would say, ‘Our leader is mad, mad, mad. And he wants to cut all our throats’. “We knew we would never fight. I thought the war would never start because it was madness.” Col Said described the cynicism of sycophantic Republican Guard generals who assured Saddam of victory during televised meetings. “They told him we would fight any power in the world. When we heard this, we couldn’t believe it. But then the generals told us, ‘No, no – don’t worry. Just keep quiet. Stay in your positions. It won’t happen’.” [Daily Telegraph, 4/17/03]

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