Anti-abortion activists who seek to turn the Laci Peterson tragedy into a trial on abortion are, at root, no different from the left-wing activists who seek to prosecute people for “hate crimes” as opposed to normal crimes.

All that justice requires for Laci Peterson — who was pregnant at the time of her murder — is that her killer be tried, convicted, and appropriately punished. There need be no extra penalty for killing her fetus. The fact that her own life was terminated is enough reason to convict and punish her killer.

Anti-abortion activists are exploiting the murder of an innocent life to advance their “cause” in favor of unborn not-yet-life.

In a similar way, left-wing activists exploit the deaths of innocent victims at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan and others to advance their “cause” in favor of special “rights” for those in politically correct minority groups.

When will people learn? Murder is murder. You don’t have to create special or nonexistent categories. Our justice system should not permit such irrational distractions.

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