Iraq doesn’t follow the rules of “humane” war required by the Geneva conventions … a chemical weapons facility has been found in Iraq, a facility never noticed by hordes of U.N. inspectors parading around the country for years … American prisoners of war are brutally tortured … Every day you hear of Iraq violating some sort of U.N. rule imposed on them over the last decade.

Does this mean that the U.N. didn’t do its job competently? No, worse. It means that the U.N. did do its job and is worse than useless. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and American soldiers are the sacrificial victims. The U.N. aids and makes comfortable the violent and the evil, regardless of its stated intentions. How? Is it a conspiracy on the part of the U.N. against the free world? Of course not. It’s called moral relativism. The U.N. treats countries like Iraq as morally equal to countries like Britain and the USA. In so doing, the morally superior countries only stand to lose and the morally evil countries gain status and power they would never otherwise enjoy.

It’s not that the U.N. didn’t do its job properly. It’s what the job of the U.N. is in the first place: to treat all countries as morally neutral and to treat conflicts between countries as nothing more than sibling spats rather than life-or-death struggles between good and evil, between dictatorship and freedom. I hope we defeat Iraq quickly — and in the process that we defeat the premise underlying the U.N. forever.

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