The purpose of the streets are for people to get from point A to point B–that is unless you are a “peace” protestor:

Scores of protesters were arrested Thursday after they lay down on Fifth Avenue to block traffic in the latest of a series of ongoing demonstrations against the war.

Let’s just hope that traffic didn’t happen to include an ambulance rushing to an emergency. But then again, “peace” is not the primary result of these protests:

The traffic-blocking technique was used in recent antiwar protests in San Francisco, which led to thousands of arrests and complaints that police used excessive force. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Wednesday that antiwar protests were costing millions of dollars in overtime and drawing police resources away from crime-fighting and antiterrorism operations. “People are out to disrupt life in the city,” Kelly said. “This is more than protest, more than free speech. We’re talking about violating the law.” [About 190 Arrested After Protests Block Fifth Ave, WNBC]

Free speech means freedom from force by those who seek to prevent you from expressing your views. Conversely, free speech does not mean you are free to force an unwilling audience to listen–which is precisely what the traffic -blocking peacemongers are doing. Just as you are free to expound your views, others are free not to listen. By violating the rights of others by physically blocking their movement, these “anti-war” protestors are enemies of the very freedom that underlies free speech, and upon which free-speech depends.

One’s status as a so-called “idealistic” “protestor” does not make one above the law. Rather these protestors should be judged for what they are by their actions: as thugs out to disrupt the lives of others. It is high time that all of these peacemongers who block traffic and disrupt the lives of others should be made to pay for their crimes.

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