Saddam Hussein’s death squads are executing both deserters and civilians, according to Donald Rumsfeld:

“They dress in civilian clothes and operate from private homes confiscated from innocent people and try to blend in with the civilian population. They conduct sadistic executions on sidewalks and public squares, cutting the tongues out of those accused of disloyalty and beheading people with swords. They put on American and British uniforms to try to fool irregular Iraqi soldiers who surrender to them and then execute them as an example for others who might contemplate defection or capitulation….We will take them at their word and if their wish is to die for Saddam Hussein they will be accommodated. As the regime deploys squads to slaughter its own citizens, coalition forces are trying to save Iraqi lives. We do this because, unlike Saddam Hussein’s regime, our nations and our people value human life.” [Daily Telegraph, 3/28/03]

Question: Now how can any human being living a in a free country equate U.S. forces with Saddam’s Regime? Answer: They–the moral relativists–are not human in the moral sense of the term. One can disagree with the war, but to equate the two is absolutely miserable. [Thanks to the heads up on this news item from Paul Blair who comments “I Bet Al-Jazeera Won’t Substantiate This.”]

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