As a Canadian, I strongly condemn the decision of our prime minister, Jean Chretien, not to support America and its allies in the justified war against Iraq. By adhering to the U.N. charade, he effectively and shamefully placed Canada on the side of abject appeasers, anti-American leftists, brutal dictators, and Islamic terrorists.

History demonstrates that the root cause of war is dictatorship and its appeasement. Only a dictatorship can force its people to attack other countries. Only a dictatorship can extort money from its citizens to buy weapons of mass destruction and support terrorist organizations.

The United Nations is an inherently destructive organization — the worst enemy of global peace and prosperity — because it legitimizes dictatorships and grants them the power to undermine a free country’s sovereignty and right to self-defense. The United Nations should be the next to go after Saddam Hussein.

America is on the side of peace and prosperity because it is on the side of liberty and the right to selfdefense, which includes the right to strike against threatening dictatorships, especially if they possess weapons of mass destruction. America is Canada’s — and the world’s — greatest benefactor. It deserves our wholehearted support and gratitude.

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