This in from Baltimore:

Americans who love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but hate Ben & Jerry’s politics, now have an alternative. The Star Spangled Ice Cream Company was founded by three veteran members of the vast rightwing conspiracy who previously knew absolutely nothing about making ice cream. Today, they begin offering consumers super premium ice cream in four politically incorrect flavors: I Hate the French Vanilla, Iraqi Road, Smaller Govern-mint, Nutty Environmentalist.

“We offer conservatives guilt-free ice cream,” said Star Spangled Vice President Richard Lessner. “Our super premium ice cream is superior to Ben & Jerry’s in flavor and value. Plus, a portion of every purchase of Star Spangled Ice Cream goes to charities that support the great men and women in America’s Armed Forces. At last, conservative Americans have an alternative to supporting Ben & Jerry’s wacko liberal political causes from world peace utopianism to radical environmentalism. Conservatives now can enjoy a top- end, gourmet ice cream while supporting patriotic causes they truly believe in.” [PR Newswire, 3/17/03]

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