After watching President Bush’s address, [Janet] Reno said, ”We will not solve the world’s problems by might….”

Yet she settled the Elian Gonzalez issue wiith guns in the faces of his unarmed family members.

Reno also criticized the White House’s policy toward enemy combatants.

”Two citizens today are being held incommunicado in military brigs in this country, without being charged, without access to counsel, by the simple fact that the president has declared them what is called ‘enemy combatants,”’ Reno said, referring to ”dirty bomb” suspect Jose Padilla and the Louisiana-born Yasser Esam Hamdi.

She sent Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba to live in a similar situation–and he wasn’t a terrorist but a boy.

”What has happened to the Bill of Rights? What has happened to due process? What has happened to the Geneva Convention? If they’re not prisoners of war, what are they? And what rights do they have?” she asked.

Funny you ask, Ms. Reno. I had similar concerns about Elian.

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