The San Francisco Chronicle’s former tech columnist Henry Norr is upset that he’s been suspended after getting himself arrested at a peace rally. He told his supervisors the day before that he intended to break the law and get arrested, but seems to think his employer shouldn’t care about that. He’s angry that they’re suspending him for falsifying his timecard–he took a sick day for his time in jail: “I did so because I was sick–heartsick over the beginning of the war, nauseated by the lies and the arrogance and the stupidity that led to it, and deeply depressed by the death and destruction it would bring.” Again he expects people to sympathize with his self-admitted dishonesty. If the Chronicle buckles to lefty pressure and reinstates him, you’ll be seeing a vivid example of the sanction of the victim at work: this kind of nonsense couldn’t go on without the acquiescence of good people who don’t have the moral courage to stand up to it.

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