Saddam Hussein should have been deposed in 1991 but he wasn’t. He should have been deposed when he violated the terms of the truce but he wasn’t. He should have been deposed last Fall (or whenever the military could have done it) but he wasn’t.

The Bush Administration shouldn’t have cared about the UN last Fall, but they did. They shouldn’t have gone after a second resolution, but they did.

Given all of these mistakes and where we are now, Bush’s message and tone in last night’s speech was appropriate, and I suspect he’ll be a good commander-in-chief for the invasion.

Might I add that among the UK, Spain, and Portugal, Americans can get as much as tourists as they could if they visited France. You can get exposure to Old World history and culture, museums and theater, wine country, a riviera, excellent food–everything that France had to offer. Please remember that in the future when you’re planning European vacations.

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