Back in the 1980s the Left had the pretense of being pro-individual rights. They pushed for boycotts of apartheid South Africa, for example, to end the racist government. I contend that their motivation had nothing to do with individual rights (which they called “human rights”), but no matter. Right now we are facing one of the most brutal, literally fascist dictators on earth, and what is the Left’s position? No war with Iraq.

I just came back from the Grammy’s. The altitude of my nosebleed seats wasn’t enough to be safe from the anti-war shrapnel. The Left is showing it’s colors well now. They don’t give a damn about “human rights” abuses: if they did they would be screaming for us to “do something” to stop fascist Sadam.

They don’t give a damn about a population living in terror, political prisoners being tortured, children being slaughtered to extract confessions from parents. The reality is the the Left values no individual human life. They value, instead, floating abstractions like “peace,” “love for your brother,” and “getting along.” For the sake of those slogans, who cares if people die. That, dear readers, is the truth about the Left.–

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