Tehran–To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, Iranian police have been confiscating Valentine’s cards and forcing businesses to remove the “Western” influenced heart-shaped decorations.


“They are opposed to love and affection,” one infatuated Iranian teenager complained.  “They don’t want us to be happy because Valentine’s Day promotes happiness.”  No, no, you silly girl.  Shoving the barrel of an AK-47 into the face of a Hallmark vendor is just part of your charming, peaceful culture.


Just ask your friends on America’s left coast. 


Today, peace Nazis kicked-off a week of “resistance against war and racism” in shameless approval of oppressive Islamic regimes everywhere.  The festivities began with a “Make Love Not War” benefit in San Francisco, where I’m sure your Iranian police pals would have been welcomed with open arms.


With any luck, they’ll hold the next rally in downtown Tehran, where they can “feel the love” firsthand.

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