The effect:

Hungry people queue for the meagre rations offered by church workers – their children’s hair already changing colour from malnutrition…Among the poorest of the poor, some compete with wild animals for what they can scavenge. “For three days I haven’t eaten, because of this I have no energy, that is why you see me here,” explained one man that we met. [BBC News]

The cause:

Yet the commercial farms that could have provided much of the food needed are lying abandoned, their owners forced out. Jenny Parsons, one such farmer, and her children, tried to visit their family farm and were attacked by government supporters. […]

Nobody who opposes the government now is safe from torture, from arbitrary imprisonment. […] In this country even members of parliament and human rights lawyers can end up in torture chambers. […] “They electrified me on my genitals, on my toes, in my mouth, and they said ‘this is the mouth you use to defend human rights,'” said Gabriel Shumba, a human rights lawyer. “The world must know of the kind of life that the people of Zimbabwe are living under. It is terrible,” Job Sikhala, an opposition member of parliament, said from his hospital bed, where he is recovering. [BBC News]

The response from America’s “Civil Rights”,”African-American”, “Leaders”:

[Deafening silence.]

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