Lately, warnings about Uncle Sam turning into “Big Brother” are so frequent that they have almost become tiresome.  If something is not done to stop the insidious government, we are told, we will all soon be living in 1984.  Blah, blah, blah.


Well, guess what, citizens of America?  It’s too late–at least as far as your medical records are concerned. 


Uncle Sam can, without a warrant, probable cause, or any other legal action, simply look-up when you’re menstruating, what medication you’re taking, what foods disagree with you, and any other “secrets” you might have trusted with a doctor at one time or another.  Tack on the government’s new “Total Information Awareness” program headed by John Poindexter (yes–that Poindexter), and a whole database of medical (and other) information about you will be accessible to DMV-caliber bureaucrats (are there really any other caliber?) at the touch of a button.


Constitution?  Where?  What Constitution?


[Thanks to Dan for the link to the Fox News article on this.  Keep your ammo dry.]

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