PARIS–Human Rights Watch recently reported that, “Libya has detained government opponents for years without charge or trial, prohibited the formation of political parties or independent non-governmental groups, and muzzled its press.  In the past, the Libyan government has also been responsible for torture, ‘disappearances’ and the assassination of political opponents abroad.” 

And so, when faced with the question of which country to elect as head of the Commission of Human Rights earlier today, members of the United Nations made the only sensible choice:  Libya.

Several nations abstained from voting on the matter, as diplomats expressed concern over voting against the heinous regime; they didn’t want to offend the African nations that nominated the likes of Libya.  Aw, shucks, how thoughtful!

But really, who cares about political prisoners, anyway?  And so what if, in 1988, the Libyan government bombed Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie?  What’s so offensive about that?

“I don’t think there is any country free of human rights violations,” reminded the Libyan ambassador, who criticized any potential division of countries into “bad guys or good guys.”

Yeah, who benefits from distinctions like that?  Certainly not the bad guys…

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