Quoting from a Miami Herald article, “The joke’s on President Chávez“,

Two Miami radio-show hosts known for playing outrageous pranks on the air got Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez on a private line this morning by pretending that Cuban leader Fidel Castro was calling him from Havana. ”We still can’t believe it,” said Enrique Santos, co-host of El Vacilón de la Mañana, (The Morning Joker), on WXDJ-FM El Zol 95.7, a Spanish-language salsa station. “He fell for it.” […] The joke was part of a segment called Fidel Te Llama or ”Fidel’s Calling You,” in which Santos and his co-host, Joe Ferrero, call various people and play snippets of a controversial conversation between Castro and Mexican President Vicente Fox that Castro made public in 2001.

Probably the only ones who were not laughing was Castro and his fan club known as CNN-NBC. Here was how the “conversation” went…

”Hello Fidel!” booms Chávez.

”Did you receive my letter?” asks Castro.

”Of course I received it,” replies Chavez. “I spoke with Germán.”

”I’m all set to collaborate with you,” Castro says.

As the nonsequiturs start, El Vacilón fakes trouble on the line to disguise the rejoinders that don’t make sense.

”Yes, brother, how’s it going?” Chávez asks.

”I’ll do what you’re asking me to,” Castro replies.

”I don’t understand,” a bewildered Chávez says.

”But I’m going to be harmed, I confess to you,” Castro says.

Silence from Chávez. Castro goes on: “Everything’s set for Tuesday.”

”Everything’s set for Tuesday,” Chávez repeats, obviously befuddled. “I don’t understand.”

Santos then breaks in and announces they were calling from Miami. Complete silence from Chávez. Santos launches into a tirade: ”Terrorist! Animal! Murderer!” plus a few choice four-letter nouns. “You’re finishing off the Venezuelan people!”

Absolutely hilarious.

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