SAN FRANCISCO–As part of a world-wide leftist orgy, thousands of anti-west protestors gathered in downtown San Francisco on Saturday to stampede through the city in the name of “peace,” tyranny, and hatred of capitalism.


Hordes of angry masses littered the city’s Financial District with signs and stickers glorifying murderous fundamentalist regimes and vilifying those who dare defend themselves against terrorists.  One sign labeled President Bush a Nazi (an ironic accusation, coming from a bunch of hippie-flavored fascists), while others stuck to the good ol’ fashion “racist” brand, which usually works well enough to scare college students and media-types into submission.


At the center of attention “a sinister Uncle Sam on stilts cackled as he poured a can of gasoline down the craw of a man costumed as a grotesque Bush,” described an observer.  One protestor’s sign asked, “How did our oil get under their soil?”  Well, ma’am, they stole it from Western companies who discovered and owned it.  It’s called nationalization.


Later, a group of about 200 peace-lovers smashed windows and news racks before police chased them away.  And in this town, that’s what “peace” is all about.

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