Here’s some of what the Saudis are spending that $14.6 million PR budget on:

When radio ads critical of Israel ran in 15 U.S. cities last spring, they identified the Alliance for Peace and Justice as sponsor. The alliance was described by its Washington p.r. firm, Qorvis Communications, as a consortium of Middle East — policy groups based in the U.S. But when Qorvis reported its ad work to the Justice Department last month, it revealed that funding for the $679,000 media buy actually came from another source: the Saudi government. [Time, 1/20/03]

Meanwhile here’s what else they’re up to:

Fearing the impact of a U.S.-led war on Iraq, Washington’s longtime regional ally Saudi Arabia appears to be trying to rally the Arab world against any “illegitimate” foreign attack on its neighbor.

A day after de facto ruler Crown Prince Abdullah said the kingdom was making undisclosed proposals to Arab states, Saudi officials said Monday that the ideas would be put formally to an annual Arab summit to be held in Bahrain in March.

“The proposal calls on Arab states to close ranks and totally reject any illegitimate foreign aggression on any Arab country,” one Saudi official told Reuters. [Reuters, 1/13/03]

Of course if it’s “legitimate” foreign aggression, then they’re all in favor…

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