Communist North Korea has removed U.N. monitoring seals and cameras at the country’s main nuclear complex, a clear signal that they fully intend to step up their efforts to build (and eventually use) nuclear weapons against people they don’t like.

The U.N. is outraged and is blasting the North Korean government — and well they should. However, it’s interesting that the U.N. becomes outraged when their power is threatened, while the same understanding is not granted to the United States for its perfectly legitimate efforts to protect itself from chemical attacks from Iraq or, for that matter, nuclear attacks from North Korea.

It seems like the guiding premise of the U.N. is: threaten our power, and you’re toast; threaten the United States, while being nice to us, and we’re definitely open to discussion.

Hypocrisy seems like too kind a word here. Why do we still belong to such an organization? Exactly how does it benefit our safety? It’s time to start asking these questions — and answering them.

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