The citizens of still democratic South Korea recently voted into office a candidate who advocates open appeasement of North Korea — after the truth came out that Communist North Korea is actively developing nuclear weapons.

Imagine if Canada was run by a violent dictator who was openly developing nuclear weapons. Would American voters, soon after discovering this information, vote into office a presidential candidate who favors appeasing Canada? Would Americans vote into office a candidate who openly favored appeasing Osama bin Laden?

Clearly something is deeply wrong with most South Koreans. It’s sad. However, it’s not our problem. When the time comes for us to confront North Korea, as we now seek to disarm Saddam Hussein, we will then (as now) hear cries that war is wrong because it risks the lives of “innocents.” How innocent are people who make mistakes such as the one South Koreans just did? Just because they want to commit suicide does not obligate us to go down with them.

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