Nice to see the anti-capitalist warriors trounced in the elections yesterday. But let’s not assume too much about the whether the GOP is going to pick up the banner of the capitalists in the war on capitalism. Remember, this is the Republican party that proudly put its name on the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Bush is the Republican president who proudly signed it, who derailed two decades of progress in global trade by slapping on steel tariffs, and who selected, from the entire adult population, Larry Lindsey, Paul O’Neill and Harvey Pitt. Pitt began yesterday, while the polls were still open, what may turn out to be a purge of the Bush economic team, starting with himself. But that’s only good news if he’s not replaced with war criminal Rudolph Giuliani. And that still leaves Lindsey and O’Neill. And, truth be told… Greenspan.

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