Writes Jeff Jacoby in today’s Boston Globe,

At least 14 Israelis were murdered — many burned alive — and 65 were wounded when a car packed with explosives rammed a passenger bus near Hadera on Monday.  Islamic Jihad promptly took credit for the slaughter, and once again that perfect silence you heard was millions of Muslims in America and Europe not crying out in protest against those who commit massacres in the name of Islam.

The night before, Islamic terrorists bombed a Catholic shrine in the Philippine city of Zamboanga, leaving one dead and 12 injured.  Three days earlier, two terror attacks in the largely Christian city’s shopping district killed seven and wounded more than 160.  And from moderate Muslims in the West, the heartfelt expressions of revulsion and sorrow were — inaudible.

Time and again we have been instructed that Islam is a “religion of peace.”  Over and over we have been assured that most Muslims are nonviolent and tolerant.  And yet when Islamist fanatics commit acts of horrifying atrocity, and do so as Muslims, the peaceable Islamic majority has nothing to say.  Why not?

The answer is obvious: the Islamic majority explictly agrees with the terrorists ends (the establishment of Islam as a world religion), resulting in their failure to condemn their terrorist brother’s means. For further explanation, see Professor Locke’s article Radical Islam’s Assault on Human Life.

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