Even I am amazed at what some “people” will go through to justify a “free lunch” obtained involuntarily at someone else’s expense, i.e., theft. According to the UK Telegraph:

A white British woman who formerly worked as a local government officer in Essex is the latest and most unlikely beneficiary of Robert Mugabe’s land-grab policy in Zimbabwe. Anne Matonga and her black Zimbabwean husband, Bright, have been given possession of a 1,500-acre farm after it was seized from a white farmer on the orders of the President. Mrs Matonga’s new home, which the farmer and his family had lived on for four generations, is a reward for her husband’s support of Mugabe, whose dictatorial policies are responsible for Zimbabwe being ostracised by much of the outside world.

…Despite moving to Zimbabwe only last year after a lifetime in Britain, Mrs Matonga last week spoke angrily, and without a hint of irony, against the “white colonialists who stole our land”…After delivering her diatribe, Mrs Matonga returned to supervising the crop of roses that had been planted earlier this year by Mr and Mrs Schultz…

…Mr Schultz had been arrested by the police for defying the eviction order only minutes before. “Mrs Matonga was screaming at me: ‘Get off our land: we are taking back what you stole from our forefathers’,” said Mrs Schultz. “I thought it was a remarkable thing for her to say since she was clearly white and British.” Mr Schultz, 57, is now virtually penniless.

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